Takeover Challenge

On November the 29th 2017 - after the success of the previous Takeover Challenge - the BwD Youth Forum organised another BwD Takeover Event at King Georges Hall in the Windsor suite.

The theme was ‘Mental health’. They decided to invite three partner agencies to help them deliver workshops on three topics:

• Domestic abuse - supported by the Wish Centre
• Substance misuse - supported by Go2
• Mental health - supported by Lancashire Mind 

The above three issues are campaigns they have been currently campaigning on and wanted to raise awareness by inviting over 130 people from the borough’s secondary schools, colleges and youth organisations to participate along with key professionals in these fields.

Three interactive workshops were delivered each lasting approximately 30-45 minutes where young people had the opportunity to help shape and design services they receive.

Following the evaluation over 130 young people gave feedback on the top 3 issues out of each topic, they are as follows:

Mental Health:

• Online help therapy/chat rooms
• More awareness raising sessions
• More information for parents

Substance Misuse:

• Access to a counsellor
• Advertise more on social media
• Drug mentors sharing their experiences

Domestic Abuse:

• More adverts in local media, e.g.: radio
• Posters in places where men/ boys go
• Confidential places to go for help

Following this feedback, the Youth Forum will be consulting with young people to discuss how they can make an impact with this information and will meet back up with key agencies in 3 months to discuss how they can work together to do this.

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