Having sex with someone of the opposite sex is nature’s way of making babies so if you’re not ready to start a family yet, you need to use contraception!

There are many types of contraception you can use including condoms, diaphragms, caps, the pill, the coil and sterilisation. Most methods of contraception can only be used by women because only women can get pregnant, but there’s no reason why you can’t both share the responsibility of it - especially as using condoms also guards against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

There are sexual health clinics which are just for young people. The doctors and nurses at the clinic won’t tell anyone that you’ve been there, or why you’ve been. They will only tell someone else if you’re under 13, or if you’re older but they feel they need to make sure you’re safe and have support and really understand about sex and sexual relationships.


YPS runs the WRAP scheme in all Senior Youth Clubs.

More information and advice:

Brook - sexual health and wellbeing for under 25’s

NHS Choices - find you nearest sexual health clinic

Family Planning Association
- provides sexual health advice

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